‘For Innovare, a leading Off-Site manufacturer of  SIP panels for the construction industry, the project will provide core process monitoring capabilities and deliver an estimated order of magnitude (ROM) value of £180k p.a.  The data captured will allow us to drive efficiency through improved OEE, productivity and a reduction in the key waste streams.’

For manufacturing organisations, SMEs in particular, who are deploying data-driven process monitoring and traceability, 80% of the business value typically resides in 20% of the data they collect. The challenges in collecting these information-rich data sets are to break the IT/OT barriers and connect the shop floor, and to ensure that the data is usable right away. The SIMPLE project applies innovative software technology to address these needs, providing a low complexity/skills solution that can be deployed and scaled up effectively at an attractive price point. 

The SIMPLE platform facilitates the collection of core process, product and resource data through the use of understandable and manageable data models, and delivers insight in the form of clear and pre-configured KPI dashboards and data analytics algorithms, in order to provide immediate insight into the performance of a production system.
The SIMPLE solution is currently being deployed and tested with leading partners in the Construction, Battery Manufacturing and Automotive industries, and will be availalble for wider deployment in the first quarter 2022. If you want to join the development and test program please contact us.